Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dye work

Above: some of the experimental pieces from last week, all done with procion MX dyes on cotton Most are hand painted with thin or thickened dyes, sometimes both together. One is block printed. The lines are done with thick dye squeezed from a bottle with a small nozzle.

These 4 were dyed in the same container in layers. Unfortunately I'm using old dyes and the second colour, a blue, didn't work. The dark blue on the left is actually black, it looks lighter in the pic.

Today I went to see the exhibition 'Textile Treasures' by the Designing Women Group and was most impressed - some fabulous work and very well presented at the Atwell Gallery in Alfred Cove. It's on until next weekend.
While in that area, I went to the Art Shed in Myaree and bought lots of sponge brushes, rollers etc. I hadn't been there before, but they have quite a lot at reasonable prices. I also bought a couple of new feet for my very old sewing machine because they were on special.

I keep forgetting to welcome the people who have registered as followers of my blog - so welcome! I'm very pleased to have visitors and comments. Thanks all.
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Vicki W said...

I lvoe all of those printed fabrics!

Fiona said...

they look great! I especially like the doodle effects.

Sandy said...

Your fabrics are wonderful. The old dyes make some interesting surprises.

tiedyejudy said...

Your doodles are great! Makes me want to pull out my sharpie marker and scribble on some of my scraps!