Saturday, August 09, 2008

August TIF

Well, I'm on a roll now, finished August (above) of Sharon's Take it Further Challenge already! I really liked the colours in the photo she posted because they are colours I often use. This piece was already started when I realised it would be perfect for my TIF project. I'm back onto bag fabric after doing a postcard last month.
The couched yarns came about because I recently bought a free motion couching foot for my Husqvarna Designer 1 machine. It works quite well but only with straight stitch and I found the way the thread feeds through the foot a bit strange. I might take a close up for my next post.

Above: this piece was done last weekend in the workshop Wrap, Coil, Stitch I did with Jean Draper. I was enrolled for Stitch & Structure the weekend before but had to switch because I had a bad cold. The workshop was interesting although not my choice of subject. We were using techniques based on traditional basketry to make contemporary pieces. I have a small basket in progress which I will finish but I doubt if I'll do many more because it's so time consuming and hand stitch is not my favourite thing.

On the 2nd day I took in my sewing machine which I used for the above sample. I had lots of left over bits of cords made on the sewing machine. Jean showed us how to arrange our cords onto sticky soluble film before stitching. I can see loads of possibilities for this technique.

Postcard from Doreen
I received this beautiful card this week. Doreen claimed my July TIF postcard and sent me this one which she made on her embellisher machine. Lovely colours, I really like the way she's done the sky as well as the detail in the foreground.
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StegArt said...

Your August TIF is very lovely. So much to look at, my eyes keep moving and finding new things to look at. I'd be interested in seeing your free-motion couching foot. I bought one for my Bernina, and am not totally impressed with it. Perhaps I need to practice more with it.

Doreen G said...

This piece should make a lovely bag Linda.

Fran├žoise said...

Lovely pieces!
Your new TIF bag fabric is gorgeous. Beautiful textures, and the colours are great too. Good job.

Sandy said...

I like the TIF piece very much and like the colors too. The coiled piece does have lots of possibilities.

miekenoor said...

What a nice way to use your new foot, lovely those rolls, too!

Judy said...

yummy work!

neki desu said...

What richness! it's so lovely i'd just hang it up and look at it.
love what you're doing with couched threads, you've opened a path there.

neki desu