Friday, February 01, 2008

This piece is cotton, 60 x 56cms. The background is monoprinted twice with thickened procion dye, then blockprinted. The red and gold squares were stencilled on with textile paint. I have a few other printed peices on the go but not ready to be photographed yet.

My TIF bag is now overdue, I've done a bit more to it but hope to finish it soon. The Feb challenge is posted on Sharon B's blog. I'm choosing to work with the colours again. I knew I'd have trouble getting this done on time, maybe need to rethink the projects. I had no trouble doing the bag fabric but the finishing off is a pain!

My other project is finished, just have to write up the process and put it and the photos on a CD to be sent with the work. Can't post any pics yet. Then the next thing is Stitched & Bound, a juried contemporary quilt exhibition. I need to finish my entry by mid March if I want to have it professionally photographed. I know what I want to do for this but haven't started yet.
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Doreen G said...

Linda why don't you just make the fabric as your TIF challenge and make the bags at a later date when you are under less pressure.

Sue B said...

Linda this is a great piece of fabric. I think Doreen's idea is a good one - take some of the pressure off yourself!

Sandy said...

I like this fabric, makes me want to monoprint. Sandy

Fran├žoise said...

Your fabric is gorgeous!