Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feb TIF in progress

Above is the first stage of my February TIF piece. I'm making fabric which will be made into bags later when I have some time. I wanted to tackle it differently this month so I decided to use the blues as the background and then apply small squares made up with the gold/brown/beige fabrics. I was intending to space them out in a regular pattern but now I think I'll apply them more randomly, which will give me more options when I come to make the bag and hopefully look more interesting.

Cyber Fyber Swap
My cards from Susan Lenz arrived today. I think they're both great and it's a fabulous project she has organized.

I'm teaching a workshop on Heat Transfer dyeing this week so have been preparing for that today and I've also been doing some more breakdown printing, the fabrics are curing at the moment. It's hot again this week so I won't be spending as much time in the studio.
By the way Fibre & Stitch Mag, Issue 3 is now out with my article on Shibori techniques with heat transfer dyes (as well as lots of other great articles) It looks like a very good issue.
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Doreen G said...

Your TIF piece is looking great Linda

Purple Missus said...

Well done on your article Linda - very informative.

Sandy said...

Lovely TIF piece-my colors. Your article is good. Sandy

Cyber Fyber said...

Thanks for letting me know that the trades arrived! They look great on my color issue at all! Your work is wonderful, by the way!

Helen Suzanne said...

Enjoyed the article Linda :)
I do like this TIF fabric, especially when you look at the close up - really nice textures.

Meg in Albuquerque said...

This should make a great bag, I hope you will show us the completed bag also!

Penny said...

thanks for visiting Lina, goodness you WA girls are clever and do so much, I dont think SA is quite so go ahead or I am looking in the wrong places.
great tutorial in Fibre & Stitch and this TIF piece looks great, love to see it made up.

Debbi Baker said...

Hi Linda - First visit to your blog - wish I had known about it earlier!! Fabulous work, love all your creativity and your TIF pieces for Jan and Feb are gorgeous.