Thursday, November 22, 2007

Machine Embroidery
This is my part of a group project Innovative Stitches is doing as part of our Batavia exhibition next year. The spirals you may remember from a recent post on Cloque. They're appliqued onto a pale aqua silk and hemp fabric and I've added more texture by free machining wool nops, machined cords made from circles of dyed pantyhose and the big bobbles are also pantyhose stuffed with polyester wadding.
I had to get it finished today as our meeting is tomorrow, hope they like it.
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Avondale Harvest Festival
Top: a sample printed from a block I made by glueing dowel craft sticks to a wood base. The fabric is a dyed cotton knit and I've used fabric printing ink and some metallic fabric paint.
I took the other 2 pics on Sunday at a country harvest festival at Beverley, about 1 hundred kilometres from Perth. We had a nice day with the family, beautiful weather, but I managed to get a bit sunburnt. I'm not sure yet what I'll do with the photos but I'm collecting images of weathered things, rust, peeling paint etc.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Open Garden
We went to see this lovely garden in Bickley last weekend. It was open as part of the Open Garden Programme. From the road it didn't look very big but on walking through it seemed to go on forever with so many little pathways and areas to sit in, lots and lots of roses!
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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Back to Textiles Again
A better photo of the brooch this time except for the yukky background! It started with me trying out some new threads and eventually turned into a brooch.
The bookcover is made from silk paper and is my project from the last 84 Group meeting. The appliqued diamonds are also silk paper that was twin needled and I've added some beads. The current 84 group project is soldered copper tape frames and glass jewelery. I'm up to the soldering part.
Thanks to everyone who has left comments, they are appreciated.
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Monday, November 05, 2007

My watercolours
I've started doing local watercolour classes. These are my efforts of the first 3 weeks from the top. The apples were my first attempt, although I remember doing a little watercolour painting about 40 years ago. I did the Nastursiums at home, a pencil drawing first then the painting. In class we did white roses but mine were so bad I felt I needed to practise more. The fish is a mullet.
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Cloque Dangers and Broadband
Jacqueline asked if the caustic used in cloque is dangerous/toxic. Yes, it certainly can be if you don't take proper precautions such as protective gear - eye protection, respirator, long gloves etc. The main danger is from contact with skin, severe burns can result. I also always do it in a well ventillated area as the smell can cause headaches. You also need a safe place to store the caustic bath as it lasts until it's exhausted. I have a studio which is separate from the house & locked.
Cloque does give a similar effect to the hot water soluble technique and also nuno felting. I like it as it's great for clothing and accessories, soft and light, depending on the fabrics used. It's also a very quick process and a lot cheaper for larger pieces.

I've been offline for a while as we had a few hassels installing broadband but its sorted out now. Hurrah I'll be able to read more blogs!