Sunday, August 26, 2007

Holes Quilt
I finished this today. It's for the Contemporary Quilt Group's A3 Challenge which they do each month on the theme of that month's demonstration. Margaret demonstrated holes - burning as well as free machine stitching holes into a stretch nylon fabric. I've included both in this piece.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

We found this frog on our front verandah today. He was sitting next to the down pipe from the gutter, enjoying the wet. The green spots on his back match the moss. He's quite a handsome fellow but I didn't try kissing him to see if he would turn into a prince!

Post Card Inchies
The pink & black one is made by Fiona Colac & the other is the one I made for Dale's swap. Thanks Fiona!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Seagull Dome, HMAS Sydney Memorial at Geralton

Home Again

Our Trip
The seagull dome and the waiting woman are part of the HMAS Sydney Memorial at Geraldton. (north of Perth) They are up on a hill so you get a good view. Quite topical at the moment as some people think they have found the wreck at last, although that remains to be seen.
While we were in town we saw a couple of very good national exhibitions, The Doug Moran portrait prize & photography prize. Also the local museum was worth a visit. The weather was great but I have a sad thing to report:
Our big trip is now over!
My husband has now decided that pulling a caravan is too stressful and after some minor car trouble which we had to get fixed in Geralton, he wanted to come home. It wasn't much fun with him suffering from anxiety and not sleeping so I agreed but I can hardly believe we're back already after having arranged most of my year around it and spending a lot of money on a caravan and new car. I think we will do a shorter trip down south when the weather gets warmer and see how that goes.
In a way it is nice to be home. I did manage to do some work in my sketch book while away which is something I don't normally do so I'll resolve to keep going with that.
Since I've been home, I've organised a second sewing room for myself so I can leave the embroidery machine and the needlefelt machine set up and not on the dining room table with all of the associated mess! As both our daughters have now moved out, I shifted both beds into one room and I've now got the other room.