Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dreams of India full lenth
Well it's all done & delivered today in it's padded bag. This isn't a great photo but hopefully it gives an idea of the whole piece.
The photo below is a close-up view of the hanging rod.

Today also, another pleasant day at the Embroiderers' Guild. Our group, Innovative Stitches, had a workshop on Italian corded Trapunto quilting where we used photocopies of the designs on Beardman jugs from the Batavia shipwreck to create a linear design for a quilting sample. Most of us did hand stitching but I think I'll do a machine one too. Much quicker! Hopefully I'll eventually get these finished & post a photo.
The group is working towards an exhibition next year on the theme of WA's historical shipwrecks and we're each making a visual diary or journal with all the sample pieces we do from each meeting. As I was a late starter with the group I'll have to get moving on this soon.

Saw a couple of great exhibitions in the past week, the Year 12 Perspectives at the WA art Gallery & a textile exhibition on the theme of WA's native flora by Pam Annesley, Loralie Smit & Dianna Vincent.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dreams of India
The bottom section of my wall piece showing the dangly fringe.

Catalyst Textile Workshop News
I'll be teaching a new workshop for Catalyst: Sun Dyeing & More on Saturday May 19th find details & enrollment info at the link.
Close up of the dangles
Last Minute Linda
Why do I always leave things until the last minute!
I haven't posted for a while as I've been busy getting this wall hanging made. It's due on Saturday at the Embroiderers Guild for an exhibtion at the Perth Convention Centre. My only excuse is that the exhibition isn't on until May 23 - 27. Don't know why it had to be in so early but it's finished now except for the hanging rod which I've covered with tissue paper & will paint when its dry. Also have to make a padded bag to deliver it in. The hanging is over 150 cms long x 38 cms wide.
I started with a whole cloth dyed with heat transfer dyes but decided to cut it into 3 sections in order to stitch it more easily. Then all the embroidery was added & lastly the dangly bits on the bottom as well as the heat gun beads. More pics to follow. It's hard to photograph the whole thing as it's so long & narrow.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Test Print & Block
Here's the block print I described in my previous post. I used Permaset fabric printing ink on cotton.
I do enjoy block printing, it's simple, low tech, but can be very effective. Thickened dyes can also be used, especially on fine fabrics like silk so the hand of the fabric isn't changed.
I saw some good exhibitions last week, Feltwest members' exhibition, Felt the Water, at Mundaring Art Centre & the Minnawarra Art award at Armadale. Also, there is a new Gallery/cafe opened in Armadale's main street which is quite exciting & unexpected. Hope they do well.
Happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pincushion Hakea
This hakea is flowering in our garden now. Isn't it lovely?

I've had a week of no textile making as I've been doing other things like boring housework. At least I can see my sewing room floor now! I had an old friend over for lunch & we've also been getting quotes on a new en-suite bathroom.
More disruption once that starts.
This week I cut a printing block & did a test print. I used a new material called soft cut which is a lot easier to cut than lino. You can use both sides too. I'm giving a lino printing workshop for the 84 group, of which I'm a member, so I'm experimenting a bit with different block making methods.
I'll post the photo next time as no time now.