Sunday, March 25, 2007

This Week's Bag
This little bag is another scrap fabric collage like the one below. I keep all of my scraps even thin bits & selvages. If they are undyed, I save them until I'm doing some dying & throw them in. I have bags of long thin bits, square bits & colour sorted bits which will eventually end up in projects like this. There are also quite a few pieces where I've pinned or vliesofixed an arrangement onto a background but haven't got to the sewing stage yet.
The fabric beads are made with a heat gun & the machine stitched cord is adjustable.
Bag in progress
This fabric collage is going to be a bag but I think this technique would work well for wall pieces too. The fabrics are nearly all just dyed cottons except for a couple of silk bits & some knitting yarns. The richness of the fabric is built up with free machine embroidery, built in decorative stitches & applique using variegated cotton or rayon threads.
The next one I do might be a wall piece.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Strange flower
Today we went to Araluen Botanic Park which is close to where we live to see 'Art in the Park'. There wasn't much art to see, just some paintings, but it was a beautiful morning & with hardly anyone there, we had an enjoyable wander around the gardens. There were lots of colourful chilli plants left over from the chilli festival a couple of weeks ago & this strange flower which caught my eye.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fabric samples
Some of the pieces in these 2 photos are recent & some are older. For the sun dyeing below, I've used Dala textile paints except for the silk one, (spirals) which is Setacolour silk paint. I've used lace, leaves, shapes and threads for the images.
The top photo shows some fabric painting techniques as well as Shiva paint sticks used with stencils & for texture rubbings.
Postcard & ATC
Doreen has received these now so I've put them on my blog.
The postcard features a face made of Delight air dry clay which Doreen made & very generously sent to me along with some unpainted ones & some moulded texture pieces so I could see if they were suitable for a project I had in mind.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Make 5, Take 5, ATCs
The top photo is 2 of my latest ATCs.
Below are the ATCs I received in the mail from Dale's swap. From top left: Ms T by Sara Hansson, Elizabeth Roberts, Fiona Lindsay, Joy Smith & Carolyn Greig. Many thanks to the artists for sharing their work. It is a pleasure to receive such exciting mail.

Cottesloe Beach, Sculpture by the Sea
Sculture by the sea
Thursday we went to Cottesloe Beach to see the scultures by the sea. There was some fantastic pieces from a variety of artists in a great setting. It's only on until Sunday. Then to the Fremantle Art Centre, where we had lunch at the cafe & saw another very interesting exhibition featuring artists who had migrated to Australia from Asia.
It included some textile work too.
After all that we had to pick up our new car again as it broke down halfway home on Wednesday, some faulty wiring apparently.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

My finished Mobius Strip

Mobius Strip detail
This was finished on Saturday night. I'm very pleased with how it looks although it's a bit small to wear around my shoulders. However, it works very well as a scarf. I should have used a hoop for the free stitching as it buckled up a bit too much. The grid is done with a fine red glitter yarn zigzagged onto the soluble fabric after the silk patches were pinned on. The colours are my favourites to work with, reds, pinks, purples & oranges. I've already started on another small one for a bangle & I will do a woolly one for a winter wrap.

Last week was a bit busy as we bought a new car & went to the Caravan & Camping Show to look for a caravan for our big trip around Australia planned to start later this year.
Also went to Freemantle & to a lovely new wool shop called Yarns on Collie in Collie Street.
It was my husband's birthday too so we went out to dinner with family & had a nice lunch at our friends place. I made him an apron with his name on for his wood turning which he's recently started but seems very keen on.
Sorry, still no more needlfelting pieces, hope to get to that soon but have a couple of other textile things to do first.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Chenille Scarf
As promised, the photo of the scarf after dyeing. It was rather insipid before, I think it's much richer looking now. I've used Napthol dyes & it's rayon fabric.
Our Sunday 84 Group workshop on the Mobius strip was great, Annie had some fantastic finished pieces to inspire us, everything from wraps to hairbands & bangles. I'm doing a wrap with random pieces of silk placed on soluble fabric with machine stitching & some fancy threads to make a lacey background. I'm going to continue with it today.
Many thanks to those of you who've left comments on my blog. It's great to feel part of such a creative community.

Friday, March 02, 2007

This week's bag
This was started last year but finally finished this week. I used the basic method from
Elli Woodsford's book 'Designer Machine embroidery & Textile Decoration' & my own style of fabric collage. I was pleased with the way it turned out although I would do the lining differently if I did another one.
I have done some needlefelting this week after my demo, which went well, but haven't finished the challenge (trapped) yet so will post that soon.
Some lovely cool weather & rain this week so took the opportunity to have a dyeing day in my studio. I dyed a chenille scarf I made last year in one of Joan's workshops. the technique worked well but the colour was yuk. It's much better now, should have photographed it, I will.
Also dyed a top, 2 pairs of capri pants and various bit & pieces. The pants came out great but my husband said the colour's uneven. Yes it's meant to be like that!
Sunday its our 84 group meeting & we have an outside tutor, Annie Rawle, who is a fantastically talented textile artist, especially in machine embroidery. She is teaching a wrap using the Mobius Strip, a weird mathematical form which has just 1 surface & 1 edge. Sounds interesting.
Socks from Renee
These socks were a lovely surprise from my daughter in Austria.
She sent a package for my husband Wayne's birthday which included 2 pairs of her handknitted socks, one for me & one for Kathleen, my other daughter. I'm so impressed with her knitting skills especially as she taught herself. They are very comfortable too.

We are having trouble with our computer again. It's been good for several months but has gone back to playing up so if I don't post for a while that will be why.