Monday, November 05, 2007

Cloque Dangers and Broadband
Jacqueline asked if the caustic used in cloque is dangerous/toxic. Yes, it certainly can be if you don't take proper precautions such as protective gear - eye protection, respirator, long gloves etc. The main danger is from contact with skin, severe burns can result. I also always do it in a well ventillated area as the smell can cause headaches. You also need a safe place to store the caustic bath as it lasts until it's exhausted. I have a studio which is separate from the house & locked.
Cloque does give a similar effect to the hot water soluble technique and also nuno felting. I like it as it's great for clothing and accessories, soft and light, depending on the fabrics used. It's also a very quick process and a lot cheaper for larger pieces.

I've been offline for a while as we had a few hassels installing broadband but its sorted out now. Hurrah I'll be able to read more blogs!

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