Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cloque Pieces
These are some experimental bits I've cloqued. They're synthetic fabrics stitched onto a muslin backing then shrunk in a strong caustic bath causing the upper fabric (which
doesn't shrink) to crinkle up.
The top 2 samples have circular pieces which I intend to cut out and apply to a project I'm planning. The others are all transfer dyed, the middle one is a satin ribbon The lower left flower shape was cut out of the blue fabric with a soldering iron and I've bonded the pink fabric under it. The lower right sample is kunin felt which I wanted to try to see if it would work.

The bottom photo is a closeup of the flower piece. I also made a brooch yesterday that I was quite pleased with but the photo I took was no good.
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Sandy said...

Nice experiments-my favorite thing to do. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you do with them. SAndy

Doreen G said...

Very interesting Linda.
Tell me more about this experiment.
Love the flowers at the top and the big flowe in fact I love all othem

Dianne said...

LOve that flower piece!! It would look great as a brooch - such beautiful texture and the flower colour is gorgeous.

Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Linda, what kind of caustic did you use? And isn't it dangerous or very toxic? It really looks great. I used the same technique only with Hot soluble fabric.So this makes me very curious.

Vivian said...

Interesting technique!