Thursday, June 28, 2007

I haven't done much machine embroidery lately. Just finished this ATC to get back into it. The swirls are done with Dispersal dyes on poly satin which I then Cloqued to make it dimensional & free stitched the satin onto a painted cotton background.

I'm making some small traditional quilts at the moment for a project that the 84 Group is doing. The quilts are used in hospitals to cover the humidicribs of premature babies so their eyes aren't damaged by the lights or to wrap stillborn babies when they are presented to their parents. Bigger quilts are given to children who are very sick in hospital but as I'm not a quilter I'm doing some small ones. Our meeting is on Sunday & I hope to get 4 done. 2 finished so far.

Fibre & Stitch
I should mention Fibre & Stitch, a new on line magazine. I will be contributing a piece for the third issue. Find out more at the link.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Heatgun Beads
Saturday, Innovative Stitches had a bead making day. I did a demo on making polyester fabric beads with the heat gun & the photo above shows some of my beads that I took to show the group. They include beads made from tyvek, various polyester fabrics, kunin felt & plastic. Other members demonstrated tyvek beads & hand felted beads. So far I've only made 1 felt bead which is the round, pink & purple one at the bottom of the photo, but I intend to do lots more at home.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Beaded Bracelet

At last a new post! I did the bracelet a couple of weeks ago, it was our 84 Group June workshop given by Jan, one of our members. Some people did it as a watch band but I prefered a bracelet. You make the fabric base with vecro fastener then just sew on the beads with beading thread. So it was a nice simple workshop which didn't need the huge amount of stuff we normally have to bring.
I've been busy with house reorganizing, gadding about & entertaining as Renee has returned home from Austria & is staying with us for now. Also we are in the process of having our en-suite bathroom renovated. Of course it happens now when we have an extra person! It'll be great when it's finished.