Monday, May 28, 2007

Sunprinted Address Book Cover
This cover is embellished with a machine embroidered design with free machine embroidery added. The bachground is stippled & I've satin stitch the edges and applied a cord.
Last week I went to the Perth Craft & Quilt Fair & caught up with the Embroiderers Guild & the WA Quiliters Association exhibitions, both had some fantastic work.
I also bought Dale's new book on needle felting, Surface Tension, which is great, heaps of ideas & photos.
I managed to avoid buying too much other stuff, which actually wasn't hard as it was all quilting, scrapbooking & beading.
2 More Fabrics.

Teaching workshops always leads to more productivity for me. Firstly I like to have lots of samples to show, then I need to be very familiar with the processes I'm teaching with as many variations as possible. If I haven't used a process for a while this means a lot of experimentation which generally leads to further ideas. So even after the workshop I often have a flurry of activity.
The top piece was sunprinted using nastursium leaves & watered down Permaset. Both pieces have a pre-dyed turquoise background.
The bottom piece is sunprinted with fig leaves then overprinted with the same leaves using silver lustre Permaset.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Fabrics Top Photo shows fabric printed with leaves & the woven straw brim of an old hat.

In the middle: some block printed fabrics done with some very simple printing blocks made with pre cut foam shapes, string and wavey lines cut from sheet foam. They are then glued to wooden blocks or applied with double sided carpet tape & the wood is varnished to waterproof.
Bottom photo shows fabric printed with a sponge roller over a hand cut contact stencil. I did this very roughly with watery Permaset & quite enjoyed the effect. I will add another layer of colour to this.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Fabric Samples
These are some of my workshop samples. The bottom ones are done with a roller on scrunched, previously dyed fabrics. The top photo shows some more sun dyed fabric, 1 done with a plastic grid & the other is large clover leaves. We had just enough sun for some good results on Saturday, them it rained in the afternoon. More samples coming soon.
Yes Joan, I often use dispersal dyes directly on fabric as well as transfering from paper.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sun Print Fabric Bag
As I'm teaching a sunprinting & more workshop on Saturday I thought I'd use some of my experimental pieces to make a bag. I've used a few different textile paints & found they all work fine as long as they are fairly runny. The thick ones, like permaset, need thinning with water.
For the resists, I've used stencils, foam shapes, buttons, lace, yarns & threads, plastic grids, small gum nuts, leaves etc. The small pieces are great for fabric collage. I tried the technique with Dispersal dyes too, painted on synthetic fabrics which also worked really well.
So it seems any runny, transparent paint or dye is OK.
I must apologise for not posting this lovely needle felted & hand stitched ATC
I received
from Francoise in Belgium before.
Thanks Francoise
We've been having computer trouble again, finally fixed on Friday. I've also been busy teaching & preparing for workshops as well as taking part in the Ilze Aviks workshop which was great.
Doreen has tagged me, which means I have to list 7 things about myself & tag others too. I've decided not to tag anyone else but will do the list.
1. I'm happily married with 2 wonderfull adult daughters.
2. I went back to school in my 40th year to do a degree in fine arts (textile major) which I completed in 1999.
3. I enjoy teaching & sharing techniques with like minded people.
4. Although I do a lot of contempory machine embroidery now, my first love is still surface design on fabric
5. I have a great outside studio which my husband built where I do all the messy things like dying & printing.
6 . I love travelling to other countries.
7. We've brought a caravan so we can do a long trip around Australia this year.
Thanks to everyone who commented on my Dreams of India wallpiece.