Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Last Minute Linda
Why do I always leave things until the last minute!
I haven't posted for a while as I've been busy getting this wall hanging made. It's due on Saturday at the Embroiderers Guild for an exhibtion at the Perth Convention Centre. My only excuse is that the exhibition isn't on until May 23 - 27. Don't know why it had to be in so early but it's finished now except for the hanging rod which I've covered with tissue paper & will paint when its dry. Also have to make a padded bag to deliver it in. The hanging is over 150 cms long x 38 cms wide.
I started with a whole cloth dyed with heat transfer dyes but decided to cut it into 3 sections in order to stitch it more easily. Then all the embroidery was added & lastly the dangly bits on the bottom as well as the heat gun beads. More pics to follow. It's hard to photograph the whole thing as it's so long & narrow.


Doreen G said...

Holy cow Linda no wonder you haven't posted on your blog lately--I wondered where you were and now I know.
This wall hanging is incredible and you are to be congratuated on all your hard work.
Well done.

sjandik said...

Outstanding! It is beautiful. Sandy in La Center

Dianne said...

I absolutely LOVE this!!! The colurs and the design and the embellishing - well just all of it - it's beautiful!!!

Gunnels blog said...

Oh, this is wonderful! Love the texture and colours!