Thursday, February 22, 2007

Here's last weeks needlefelt challenge, late again! The above piece is done on soluble vileen which has been washed out. I followed the article by Margo Duke in Quilting Arts Mag issue 25.
After needlefelting all of the fabrics, which range from cotton gauze to silks & velvet, I added some wool & silk tops and some knitting yarns, then free machined all over the piece. I wasn't sure how much to stitch it, I may have done too much but I quite like the effect.
The other 2 little samples are silk needlefelted onto commercial felt and wool tops & scraps embellished between lace. The latter is one of the techniques Dale showed us in her workshop but her sample used black lace & bright colours & was more exciting. I'll cut this into shapes and felt them onto other pieces.
Tommorow it's the Innovative Stitches meeting & they've asked me to do a needlefelting demo.
I'm no expert but they were all interested in the samples I took for show & tell last month.

I've recently joined the WA Quilters Association, mainly because they are hosting a workshop by Ilze Aviks which I'm going to do. It's called Handstitching, discovering a narrative, telling your story. This will be something different for me as I'm not a hand stitcher at all but her work is stunning.


Doreen G said...

My favourite colour Linda so I am always attracted to anything purple.
You sure are getting into the embellisher now.

Fran├žoise said...

Gorgeous! I love purple too.