Thursday, February 22, 2007

Here's last weeks needlefelt challenge, late again! The above piece is done on soluble vileen which has been washed out. I followed the article by Margo Duke in Quilting Arts Mag issue 25.
After needlefelting all of the fabrics, which range from cotton gauze to silks & velvet, I added some wool & silk tops and some knitting yarns, then free machined all over the piece. I wasn't sure how much to stitch it, I may have done too much but I quite like the effect.
The other 2 little samples are silk needlefelted onto commercial felt and wool tops & scraps embellished between lace. The latter is one of the techniques Dale showed us in her workshop but her sample used black lace & bright colours & was more exciting. I'll cut this into shapes and felt them onto other pieces.
Tommorow it's the Innovative Stitches meeting & they've asked me to do a needlefelting demo.
I'm no expert but they were all interested in the samples I took for show & tell last month.

I've recently joined the WA Quilters Association, mainly because they are hosting a workshop by Ilze Aviks which I'm going to do. It's called Handstitching, discovering a narrative, telling your story. This will be something different for me as I'm not a hand stitcher at all but her work is stunning.
Finally, the bookcover I finished last week. The background fabric was a very faded pair of light blue jeans. I flicked blue & magenta acrylic paint over the fabric and then used it to try some fabric paint & stamping techniques. Then cut it up, reassembled the pieces, stitched them onto a backing fabric & stencilled the hearts on using shiva oil sticks with contact stencils. Lastly, added some free machine embroidery in gold.

Monday, February 12, 2007

More ATCs
Hopefully this is a better photo. I'm having a few failures with my photography lately, I need to learn how to use my camera properly. I finished a notebook cover today but the photos I took were all out of focus although my camera has auto focus. Oh well, try again tommorrow.
Yes, I have used a few of Dale's sequins on my ATCs.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Some of the 32 ACTs I've
done for the 84 Group. 1 for each member &
1 for the group. The other photos didn't turn out very well.
I may post more later.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I haven't posted for a while, been busy & out a lot. I've nearly finished my 32 ATCs, just have to finish the edges of the last 7. Quite a good day at the 84 Group on Sunday, Marilyn showed us a few of her embroidery techniques & then how to make an album to keep our 31 ATCs in. I've also got to make a sample album for another group I'm in, so that demo was very useful. A photo of the ATCs coming soon.
I've been looking at overlockers, the one I was interested in was on special so I went for a demo but found it a lot more complex than I thought. The idea of one machine to do everything is great but unfortunately to change from normal overlocking to cover stitch & chain stitch involves a lot of fiddling about changing needle plates etc. Another dealer I went to said they hardly sell any of that type now & a better, cheaper option would be to keep my old one & just get a coverstitch model.
So currently having a re-think.

Needle felt Challenge: Spice & Different Background
I'm a bit late with the Spice Challenge so have photographed the 2 together. Quite pleased with Spice (on the right) it's on a felt background, various fabrics and yarns with a small amount of wool & silk tops and a liitle hand stitching. The other sample (left) is using a different background, for me anyway, which is some chunky wool fabric left over from 1971 would you believe! that says something about my hoarding nature I guess. The white wool squares, muslin & yarns are embellished on then handstitching added.