Monday, January 29, 2007

Cloque Bag, back & front.

I made this little bag today from cloque sample pieces & leftover bits. The fabrics are polyester chiffon, organza & satin which were heat transfer dyed before being stitched and Cloqued.
I'll take it to Elizabeth Morley's gathering tommorrow as we have to take show & tell.
She holds a get together of textile people every January
before all the groups start up
again. I think it might be a bit
later this year as some have
started already. We had our first Innovative Stitcher's meeting on Saturday & The
84 Group starts next Sunday.
We have to make 32 ATCs on the day. Obviously that will
mean a lot of preparation
before hand.
Who's idea was that!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Here is my needlefelt challenge piece for this week. Again I've used a background of commercial felt. I've used strips of various fabrics overlaid & woven with some angelina fibres underneath. The strips are needlefelted down leaving gaps so wool could be threaded through. And in some areas beads & sequins are trapped, probubly a bit hard to see in the photo. I found it interesting to embellish from the back, just in some areas, to bring lines of the backing felt colour through to the front. The nobbly bits are wool nops. I wanted to use some glittery fabrics & fibres to bring a sparkly emerald look to it. Don't know if that's been acheived, but I enjoyed doing it & it's all a learning process. I haven't hand stitched this one but may add some later.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Embellisher Blues
Back to embellishing today. Both samples are on felt backgrounds. On the left I've used various fabrics yarns & some wool tops then quite a bit of hand stitching (very basic stitching, thats all I can do!). On the right, the squares are silk & synthetic velvet. I used wool tops to fasten down the synthetic velvet as they didn't want to stick just using the embellisher machine.

Today I also went shopping, first to Victoria Park. Had lunch at an Italian restaurant then to Stitchers Corner where I bought some rug canvas and a couple of hand threads. Then on to Dazzle Dance Fabrics in Rivervale to get a selection of metallic lace fabrics for embellishing etc. 20% off too. Then to Belmont Forum to get more storage containers for all my stuff. Tommorrow I think I'll spend some time sorting out my sewing room as I can hardly move in it.
The rug canvas I bought is to use for making rug canvas fabric. You just weave strips of fabric through then stitch over. The canvas is quite stiff which makes it good for all sots of things, bookcovers, bags, boxes, photo frames, jewellery etc. The technique is from "Fabric Leftovers" by D'Arcy-Jean Milne.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Another Bag
I thought I'd photograph this bag outside but found the colours are slightly washed out in the sun. This was the best photo, it's in our vegetable garden amongst the tomatoes which are producing prolifically at the moment. The bag is pieced from hand dyed & printed fabric. The print, native seed pods, is one I use on my silk scarves.
Thanks to those who commented on my "problem bag" I'll leave it be for now at least. Sometimes things become clearer after you put them aside for a while.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Beautiful Exchange Tassels
Exciting mail today from The Thread Studio, my exchange tassel finally arrived. It's the one on the right & was made by Janet Clark from UK. The one on the left is from Doreen in Canberra. We did a swap a while ago but I wanted to photograph them together. Many thanks to both artists.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Problem Bag
I made this bag to use the embroidery from my neckpiece
(photo previous post) but I'm still not happy with it. I'm thinking
of cutting off part of the top panel & shaping the top edge,
maybe even incorporating some machined lace on soluble fabric.
Or then again, perhaps I shouldn't waste any more time on it.
Any feed back would be appreciated!
Bag with couched cord
This bag fabric & couched cotton cord is from the same tray dyeing batch as the red, green & yellow fabric shown in a previous post. It doesn't have the same detail because it is a thicker & coarser weave fabric. I finished another bag today too but haven't photographed it yet. The bag pattern is one from Pam of the Bestways Husqvarna Viking sewing club. I'm not a member any more but may go again next Tuesday they do sometimes have interesting things & it's good to keep up with new developments, upgrades etc.

Tray Dyeing, silk & cottons
I accidently deleted this photo, so here it is again.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tray Dyeing - cotton & linen mix
In the last week we've had a few nice cool days, even some rain! so I've been able to work in my studio & try some of the techniques from 'Tray Dyeing' with mixed results. Some worked really well but others will need overdying or a second round in the tray. I'm happy with the ones in the photos. I think I prefer the low water immersion method where the fabric is dry, dye solution is added & left for 1 hour then the soda is added & left for a further 2 hours. This seems to give more variation in colour than soaking the fabric in the soda solution first & arranging it while wet. But I need to keep working with both methods & buy some bigger trays.

Last week my husband officially retired from work. He's been home for over a year already on sick leave & using up holidays & long service leave. I've found I haven't done as much as usual
this past year so my resolution for this year is to be more committed to my work and not so easily distracted.
Paper towel fabric samples
Following on from a previous photo of painted paper towels, I've done a few sample pieces layering them with PVA & including some more painting, stamping & free machine stitching.
I found it easiest to do them directly onto plastic sheeting rather than the freezer paper which Tracy Bautista uses in her book. I also tried waxed sandwich wrap which gives a nice soft finish but is a bit hard to peel off the back. I think it's worth experimenting more with this technique.