Monday, November 27, 2006

On Saturday the Innovative stitchers, another group I'm a member of, had our final meet for the year. We all took food to share for lunch and had a useful session on organisation/time planning/brainstorming so we will all produce great work for the exhibitions coming up. One is in May & the main one we're woking towards should be early 2008.
This week will be busy as the 84 Group has it's Christmas breakup on Sunday and we all have to make a neckpiece as well as a hand made gift for someone & take food too. I should also get my woven bag finished for show & tell but may not manage that. At least I've finished all my scarves & sent off 2 lots. I did some extras as well. Today did some Christmas shopping so I can post a parcel to Renee in Austria.

The piece below was made by layering lots of scraps of polyester fabrics onto felt, covering with poly organza, stitching then burning with a small blowtorch. I think it will end up being a bag.

Layered, stitched & burnt
Last Tuesday I did an embellisher (needle felting by machine) workshop taught by Dale Rollerson at her new studio, which is fantastic by the way. The samples below are some I did there and after. It was an inspiring workshop, Dale had loads of great samples & techniques to show us and my embellisher has now emerged from it's hiding place in the cupboard where it's been for quite a while. It's really a matter of playing & experimenting to realise the potential of the embellisher machine. I think it will be particularly usefull in combination with machine embroidery.

Embellisher samples
The samples below are done on kunin felt which on the 2 left ones, was then burnt with a hot air gun. The other piece is various fabrics embellished onto black felt.

close-up view
Sometimes it's hard to know which side is the right side. These look quite interesting from the back too.

Back view of samples
Dale showed us felting with the embellisher machine without using any kind of backing fabric, just running the needles over the fleece. When I had a big enough piece, I cut it into srips & embellished it back together, laying some wool over the joins. Note the embellished wool fringe, also from the workshop.

embellisher felt

Monday, November 06, 2006

84 Group Challenge

I made the bag below for our embroidery group challenge. We each made A3 pieces of fabric which were then cut up so that each person would have some of everyone's fabric.
The challenge was then to use all of the different fabrics to make something. It was quite difficult to get the various colours & textures to go together. I divided my fabrics into 2 groups, blues & golds, & used the blues on the front of the bag & the golds on the back, with a background fabric & lots of machine embroidery to integrate the design.
I was reasonably happy with it but would do it differently if I had to do it again as it was a lot of work for the result.
On Sunday at the group our workshop was to make a woven bag using a cardboard rectangle as a loom. Another time consuming project but its looking OK so far.

84 Group Challenge Bag (front)

Challenge bag (back)

Tassel Swap

Dale (The Thread Studio) has organised a tassel swap. I'm sending in the blue one in the centre of the photo & will receive one in return that someone else has made.