Monday, August 07, 2006

Last week was busy as I had 2 workshops with Carol Wilkes as well as having to print my scarves.
The workshops were great but I haven't got much to show yet for the second one which was the master class. The eventual outcome will be an exhibition quality piece inspired by a photo. The photos all came from a few Carol took of some old wooden pallets. She magnified small sections on the computer and we had to pick one whithout seeing it. Day one was design exercises and a lot of information. Day 2 was spent on experimenting and sample pieces.
The photo above is the scarves I've finished so far. These are the small ones, I still have to do a range of large ones with similar designs. The designs are from botanical drawings by Charles Gardner (1896 - 1970) who was Government Botanist and curator of the Western Australian Herbarium for 40 years. I was first commisioned to design the scarves to go with an exhibition of his drawings a few years ago.
Last week I also went to a great exhibition of contemporary quilts called Stitched and Bound. Very inspirational.

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