Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I had a good dyeing day today, these are some of the silk scarves drying. I use Napthol dyes because they're quick and with a few colours mixed up you can get a big variety of combinations.
The next step is to print the designs using a photographic silkscreen.

dyed silk scarves

Cloque experimental piece
Teaching always inspires me to do more experimenting. This cloque piece is one example. It was done by using a stamped resist in combination with stitched circles of fabric with beads trapped under. The lighter circles you can see are where the fabric has not shrunk because of the resist.
As I was dyeing scarves today, I threw this in too.

Monday, July 24, 2006

I thought I would begin my blog by posting a few photos of some of my pieces from an exhibition called Contemporary Threads which was at Heathcote Gallery in April this year.
The Thread lace scarf is free machine embroidered onto soluble fabric which is then dissolved.
The wraps are made using a shrinking process called Cloque - a french word meaning to blister.
They are also stitched & hand dyed.

Thread lace scarf


Embers wrap

Embers wrap

Greenery wrap

Greenery wrap detail
My daughter has helped me set up this blog , hopefully I'll remember what to do when she's not here!
This week I have to get going on an order for some printed silk scarves. I'm a bit behind in my work at the moment. Last week I taught a mini workshop in my studio which meant I had to tidy it, so there's no excuse now to delay.
Next weekend & Tuesday & Wednesday I'm doing 2 workshops with Carol Wilkes, an eastern states textile artist, which should be great.
I'll post some photos of what I come up with.